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We understand that making sure your business is using appropriate technology can be difficult.

FJB Digital's strategic framework allows companies to work with existing systems and to bring in new technologies to enhance their business. From improved customer journeys and retention, through to a change in operating model with digital transformation.

Our experienced team has been developing digital and technology strategies for over a decade, with experience from Tier 1 consulting through to SMEs.

We have a tried and tested approach to deliver digital and technology strategies at board level to drive change in companies.

Digital Strategy

Our Digital Performance Framework provides a comprehensive guide to identifying and addressing digital and technology issues such as: 

If you are developing a digital or technology strategy for the first time, this can be daunting.

We are experienced in assessing business requirements and developing strategies to align digital technology to meet your aims.

We understand that choosing the right systems is difficult and that the requirements of upgrading on-line and back-office systems can be challenging.

Come and speak to us and we will guide you through the essentials of of putting a strategy in place.

Does your digital strategy underpin your main business strategy? Should your business put digital first and be at the core what you do?

Does your digital strategy:

  • Complement your current sales and marketing approach?
  • Integrate your existing business systems with new technology?
  • Work as a core part of the business?

If your current systems are creaking at the seams and you are looking to look at how to develop your digital systems, come and speak to us. We can help.

If you have an digital strategy but are struggling to see results, we can put you back on track. 

From on-line business through to back-office integration, we are experience in system and e-Commerce reviews.

Managing an on-line business through multiple digital channels is complex - tap into our expertise to see which areas you should focus on.

Not appearing in Google? Losing Visitors? Conversions down? 

Our troubleshooting team can get to the bottom of your digital & SEO issues.

We can support you from defining your strategy through procurement to supplier selection.

Looking for a solution?