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Salesforce certified, we work with private sector organisations and charities.


More than 100,000 companies around the world have chosen Salesforce as their CRM to help them streamline the way they connect with prospects and customers to close bigger deals and grow revenue.


Aimed at smaller businesses, Salesforce Essentials gives your business a central hub to manage your sales and support from. It integrates with your email, calendar, spreadsheets and social media. 



Salesforce Professional allows a single 360° view of every customer across your whole business, with data automatically synched with custom objects, enhanced functionality and additional integrations.



Easily follow up on leads, identify key contacts, and more. See an easy, customisable view of of all your sales details in Lightning, the latest version of Salesforce.


Automatically connect multiple support channels - Collect and organise all your support channels into a single view of your cases that's available from anywhere on any device


If you want to see if Salesforce can work for your business, we provide an initial review free of charge. We will outline an implementation plan and options for how Salesforce can grow with your business.

FJB Digital were approachable with a quick turnaround time, high expertise, and a client-focused approach.

Director, Marketing Agency

Their responsiveness and honesty were really impressive.

Business Development Director

The personal touch was really good — everything was excellent and professional.

Technical Manager

It was a really positive experience. FJB Digital were always at the other end of the telephone.

Secretary, Membership Organisation