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The Client

The Honourable Society of the Baronetage was established in January 1898 and was reconstituted in July 1903 as the Standing Council of the Baronetage as a permanent organisation to deal with all affairs of the Degree and to afford to the members thereof the means of intercommunication. Its principal objects are:

  • To take such action in the interests of the Baronetage, or of any individual baronet, or members of their families as may be appropriate.
  • To publish the Official Roll of the Baronetage at regular intervals.
  • To advise Heirs Apparent seeking to prove their succession to enable them to be added to the Roll and addressed and received as baronets.
  • To provide opportunities for members to meet each other socially. After deduction of expenses any surplus money from social occasions is credited to a Charitable Trust, currently the Baronets’ Trust.
  • To maintain Charitable Trust(s) with objects enabling significant contributions to be made to worthwhile causes in the community at large and generally unconnected with the Baronetage.

The membership of the Standing Council is restricted to Baronets, who may also be Peers, and their Heirs Apparent.

The Project


FJB Digital designed and launched a new website for The Standing Council of the Baronetage using Umbraco CMS.


In conjunction with the Baronets' trust, FJB Digital set up a new Salesforce installation for managing the Baronets official list and to support targeted fund-raising to meet the trust's goals.

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