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The Client

Helping Go is an initiative to enhance the provision and management of volunteer car journeys using technology to link car schemes, drivers, passengers and corporations. 

Volunteer Car Schemes (VCS) offer support for people in the community who do not have access to safe and affordable transport.  Helping Go grew out of our founder's experience as a volunteer driver and from seeing the challenges that Volunteer Car Schemes can face.

 In the VCS sector typically:

  • There is a lack of volunteer drivers
  • Existing schemes are ‘under the radar’ and tend to be run by the elderly, for the elderly
  • There is an under-utilised resource of younger people willing to offer services, as they have limited visibility of how to do this
  • Existing schemes are focused on single areas, leaving others without coverage
  • Digital technology is under-utilised.

Many of these challenges can be addressed with technology as an enabler. Helping Go aims to tackle these issues and improve good practice.

The Project

FJB Digital launched a new website for Helping Go CIC linked to a Salesforce App. 

Salesforce integration was developed using the Salesforce API and provides the backoffice functionality for Helping Go and partner car schemes.

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