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The Client

Eyemouth Freezers Ltd is an independent food processing company based in the South-East of Scotland, specialising in the IQF freezing of vegetables and in the packing of frozen vegetables and other food products.

Since being established in 2000 by a consortium of farmers, the business has developed into a consistent supplier of high quality produce to be sold through UK supermarkets.

The core business concerns the peas grown by local farmers' co-operative Scottish Borders Produce Ltd: these are processed from late June to September, stored on site and packed year-round. They also contract pack for retail different vegetables for other clients and also operate a self contained packing hall for 'meat free' products.

The Project

FJB Digital were approached to deliver a review of the existing database system, assess business requirements and provide assurance during procurement of a new database or platform.

From the initial review it became clear that the whole technology infrastructure, from PCs to servers, network to phones and operating systems to mobile access, needed to be assessed to ensure that there was a fit-for-purpose infrastructure to support the new systems. 

As well as a comprehensive business analysis, FJB Digital developed a Technology Roadmap that outlined a holistic view of the project delivery. We then supported the new database selection during the procurement process.

This project was supported by Scottish Enterprise.

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